Feathered Warrior

Date of Production
Run time: 12m 20.0s
The Illegal sport of cockfighting is documented in this film. A cockfighter who has won over sixty-five per cent of his fights outlines the rules of the game, describes the skills and techniques needed to win, and talks about why people enjoy the sport. A slow motion sequence during a fight shows the sweeping motion of the birds as each attempts to cut to victory. The Feathered Warrior is one of a series of films produced by the Appalachian Educational Media Project, an APPALSHOP film training program
funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and private foundations.


Zickafoose, Ben (directed by)
DuBey, Gene (directed by)
Hatton, Bill (directed by)
Craft, Fitzhugh (musician)
Ben Zickafoose directed and edited the film. Gene DuBey and Bill Hatton helped on the production. The film was shot during the winter of 1972-73 in southern West Virginia and eastern Kentucky. The music in the film is played on a saw by Fitzhugh Craft of Cumberland, Kentucky.
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