The Breaks of the Mountain: The Russell Fork Gorge

Date of Production
Run time: 28m 46.0s
The Breaks of the Mountain: Russell Fork Gorge is a documentary about issues faced by an Appalachian coal mining community while it develops a tourist economy around a river gorge. The video focuses on the Russell Fork of the Big Sandy River as it flows from Haysi, Virginia to Elkhorn City, Kentucky.

Hansell, Tom (directed by)
Appalshop, Inc (produced by)
Hansell, Tom (produced by)
Davis, Dee (produced by)
Hansell, Tom (edited by)
Ruth, Steve (musician)
Smith, Paul (musician)
Simpson, Glen (musician)
Grim, Debbie (musician)

A documentary by Tom Hansell.
Produced, Directed, Edited by Tom Hansell.
Crew: Hans Luxemburger, Justine Richardson, Laura Royster, Anthony Slone, Steve Ruth, Nick Szuberla, Greg Howard, Jason Crase, Kelly Jo Crase, Robert Salyer, James Clay.
Whitewater Crew: Chris Cash and Jeff Snyder.
Editing Advisors: Anne Lewis and Anthony Slone.
Transportation: Weasel and Big D.
Executive Producer: Dee Davis.

Interviewees: Wayne Browning (National Weather Service observer), Susan Coleman (Headwaters Association), Gurney Norman (author), Bill Williams (local historian), Conrad Jones (lifelong resident), Hoyle Stiles (Gateway Motel), Nina Aragon (Elkhorn Heritage Council), Jerry Elkins (Lonesome Pine Conservation District), Rita Moore (Elkhorn Heritage Council), Steve Powers (biologist), Chris Abbett (National Park Service), Danny Elswick (Russell Fork Whitewater Adventures), Brent Austin (Bluegrass Wildwater Association), Carl Mullins (Breaks Interstate Park).

Includes footage of Apple Blossom Festival in Elkhorn City, Kentucky.

"Rock Andy" traditional,
performed by Paul Smith,
copyright 1999 Moonbow music.
"Sycamore" and "For Greener Pastures"
written and performed by Glen Simpson,
copyright 1995 Tomato Gravy Music.
"Bonnie Prince Charlie" traditional,
performed by Debbie Grim,
copyright 1999 Moonbow music. "
Rocky Island" traditional,
performed by the O'Quinns,
copyright 1997 Moonbow Music.
"Breaks of the Big Sandy"
written by Steve Ruth,
performed by Steve Ruth and Glen Simpson,
copyright 1994 Sqealin' Henry Music.


Thanks to Steve Ruth; Herb E. Smith; Justine Richardson; James Stapleton; Elkhorn Area Hertiage Council; Headwaters Association; Breaks Interstate Park, Carl Mullins, superintendent; Bob Stewart, Kentucky Travel Commission; Timothy D. Belcher; Bill Ramsey; Kathy Mullins and the staff at the Rusty Fork Restaurant; Steve Ratliff; Jerry Ratliff; Paul Ratliff; Brent Austin; Barry Grimes; WMMT 88.7 fm.
Special thanks to the hometown paddlin' crew: Fred, Jeffro, Hugo, Dustin, Terry, Mark, Steve, Dave and Jeanna, Chris. Extra Special Thanks in memory of Buck Maggard.

Funding provided by: Kentucky Educational Television; Kentucky Tourism Development Cabinet; Appalshop Production and Education Fund; Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assitance Program, National Park Service; Kentucky Arts Council; Bluegrass Wildwater Association; American Whitewater; Elkhorn City Tourism. 

Topics (Library of Congress)
Appalachian Region, River tourism
Georgaphical Areas (Library of Congress)
Virginia, Kentucky, Appalachian Mountains
Genre (Library of Congress)
Documentary films
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