Coal Camp

Audio Visual Material

Physical Format
Film 16 mm.
Generation - General

This is a 22-minute 16mm print of an unreleased film by Appalshop that documents life in Kentucky’s Brookside coal camp in the early 1970’s.  The film was shot soon before the Brookside workers went on strike against the Duke Coal Company, a series of events that were documented in Barbara Koppel’s film Harlan County, USA.   Coal Camp is an edited “scratch” print with opening and closing titles.  It includes interviews about life in a coal camp, the union, the dangers of mine work, and footage of schools and coal camp houses. 

This film was preserved with funds from the National Film Preservation Foundation. The term "scratch print" is somewhat literal here: the film was a draft made from workprint and the condition of the film reflects this.

Access Restrictions
For information regarding access to the collections please contact the Appalshop Archivist at (606) 633-0108.

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