Feathered Warrior materials, c.1973

Sub-Series ap.afc.03.01

20 Film containers
15 Audio tapes
2 Video cassettes
6 Photo prints
1 Boxes
Part of: Appalshop Films Collection, 1969-2015 > Series III. Appalachian Educational Media Project Films, First Grant, 1973-1974 > Feathered Warrior materials, c.1973
Scope and Contents
Contains material related to the color documentary Feathered Warrior, a 1973 release directed by Ben Zickafoose, Gene DuBey and Bill Hatton.  The film documents the sport of cockfighting.  Through footage and interviews a seasoned cock breeder and fighter outlines the rules of the game, describes the breeding techniques and fighting skills needed to win, and explains why people enjoy the sport.   Includes footage of an outdoor cockfight.   Subjects include cockfighting and social life and customs.

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