Fat Monroe materials, c.1991

Sub-Series ap.afc.07.03

31 Film containers
36 Audio tapes
44 Video cassettes
9 Photo prints
2 Boxes
Part of: Appalshop Films Collection, 1969-2015 > Series VII. Appalshop Films 1991-1999 > Fat Monroe materials, c.1991
Scope and Contents
Contains material related to the color narrative film Fat Monroe, a 1991 release. The fiction film is based on the short story of the same name by Appalachian author Gurney Norman.  Ned Beatty plays the title role of Fat Monroe, who offers a ride in his pick up truck to nine year old Wilgus Collier (played by William Johnson).    The story unfolds as a battle of wits between the overwhelming Monroe, who seems to twist everything the boy says, and the steadfast Wilgus, who stands up to Monroe's devilment. By the end of his ride, Wilgus's notion of truth and trust in the adult world is changed forever. Subjects include rural youth, mountain life in literature, and fiction of the Appalachian region.