Youth Bored Music and Art Collection

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Scope and Contents
Youth Bored is the unifying name given to an underground music and youth culture movement that has been active in rural eastern Kentucky since c. 2000. With its roots in punk rock, the scene has given local young people an outlet for musical and other forms of creative, non-mainstream expression. Appalshop has strong ties to Youth Bored, as the organization provided (and continues to provide) space and “safe haven” for performances in its theater and Boone Motor Building (a former auto dealership purchased by Appalshop). Additionally, many young people who spent summers in the organization's Appalachian Media Institute have been participants. While the Youth Bored movement is specific to several counties in eastern Kentucky, it was part of a wider central Appalachian hardcore scene, which in its early days was united via the web forum
Physical Description
The Archive accepts donations of audio and video recordings, flyers, zines, t-shirts playlists, and other memorabilia and documentation of the scene. High resolution digital copies of objects are also accepted.