Whitesburg Epic materials, c.1971

Sub-Series ap.afc.02.10

8 Film containers
3 Video cassettes
1 Folders
Part of: Appalshop Films Collection, 1969-2015 > Series II. Appalachian Film Workshop, 1971-1972 > Whitesburg Epic materials, c.1971
Scope and Contents
Contains material related to the black and white documentary Whitesburg Epic, a 1971 release directed by members of the Appalachian Film Workshop.  The film uses “man on the street” reportage to interview people in the Appalachian town of Whitesburg, Kentucky on diverse local and national topics including life in a rural town, the Vietnam War, and the Kent State massacres.   Subjects include social conditions in Central Appalachia, United States public opinion, and rural youth.

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