June Appal Recordings Collection

1975 – 2008

Collection June Appal collection

Scope and Contents
The June Appal Recordings Collection includes the master tapes of over 70 releases of traditional and contemporary mountain music from 1973 to the present, as well as archival audiotapes of over a hundred regional artists. Artists in the Collection include many of national prominence, such as folk singer Jean Ritchie and author James Still, and a number of winners of the National Heritage Award, such as Wade & Julia Mainer and Hazel Dickens. The collection also includes original album artwork, catalogs, clippings, and ephemera relating to the operation and promotion of the label.
Topics, Library of Congress Authority
Banjo music (Banjos (2))
Fiddle tunes
Appalachian dulcimer music (Appalachian dulcimers (2))
Bluegrass music